Why Muscle Xcess?

All our products are low in sodium, lactose, cholesterol, sugar and thickeners. We wanted all of our products to be easy to digest, far superior formulas than others out there and with a taste that is unique to Muscle Xcess.

We have not gone down the route of most of the other Supplement Companies by copying a new product’s formula and getting it on the shelf as quick as possible.

Our directors have coached and advised numerous Mr and Miss Britain & World Championship winners not to mention all the National & Local Area Show winners in different federations.

Muscle Xcess will always strive to have company policy of honesty and integrity to help you go Beyond The Limit.

Muscle Xcess Ltd was formed in December 2011, it is made up of three directors two competitive bodybuilders (one being an IFBB Pro) and the other with over 20 years experience within the Supplement Industry, who were growing increasingly frustrated with all the marketing hype and overpriced low quality supplements on the market.



With the assistance of our manufacturer, we managed to develop our range based on science, our knowledge of human physiology and knowing which ingredients work and those that don’t. We wanted to produce a range of products which was not manufactured to produce the largest profit margins or contain low quality inferior ingredients, we wanted to make sure we had the best products and disclose the ingredients along with their values without hiding behind Proprietary Blends.

Are you ready to try our products?

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