Andy Polhill

Muscle Xcess athlete

If you are disciplined, if you really want something and if you work smart you can be all things including a champion and remain who you are off the stage too – modest and normal and a family man who loves life.

Who is Andy Polhill?

My favourite supplement is Creatine X3

Date of Birth:- Aug 1969
Place of Birth:- Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
Height:- 5′ 6.5″
Contest Weight:- 212 to 224lbs
Off Season Weight:- 238 to 252lbs.
Current Residence:- Dunfermline, Scotland
Marital Status:- Married to Amanda 1989

Competition history

NABBA Junior Mr East of Scotland – Winner
Junior Mr Scotland 1990 – Winner
Junior Mr Britain 1990 – Winner
Mr Scotland Class 3 1994 – Winner
13 years break from competing
NABBA Class 3 Mr Scotland – Winner & Overall Mr Scotland 2007
NABBA Class 3 Mr Britain – Winner & Overall Mr Britain 2007
NABBA Class 3 Mr Universe 2011 – 3rd
NABBA Class 3 Mr Universe 2012 – Winner & Overall Mr Universe 2012 Champion


Interview by Harry Ogg – Muscle Xcess
Hi Andy, firstly let us all at Muscle Xcess Team welcome you as our most prestige of Sponsored Athletes so far and that it is a great honour for us having you represent us and congratulations on earning your NABBA Pro Card after your tremendous Mr Universe win in 2012.
HO – Who is your favourite bodybuilder and why?

AP – Dexter Jackson. I think he has tremendous shape, condition and proportion. He also does what he can with his physique without worrying about bigger bodybuilders. I also admire Flex Lewis.

HOWhat is the highlight of your career so far?

AP – After a long break to raise our children and establish my working career and family stability, winning the Nabba Mr Universe 2012 title in front of my beautiful wife Amanda and my two children Nicole and Connor is up there and also showing them that if you are disciplined, if you really want something and if you work smart you can be all things including a champion and remain who you are off the stage too – modest and normal and a family man who loves life.

It was good time to inspire my children to believe to achieve and see happiness in the rewards of success. My Son at 16 in 2012 won the Teenage Mr Scotland and is keen to follow and better my achievements.


HO – What are your best body parts?

AP – Don’t have one I work everything in equality.

HO – OK, what about your worst body part?

AP – Used to be my back – not now.

HO – What is your typical training split?

AP – 4 to 5 days lean gain season, 6 to 7 days 8 weeks out from competition, Cardio as required but less near show – posing practice hard 10 days out

HO – What would you say is your least favourite exercise?

AP – Definitely Cardio, but has to be done to attain extreme condition.

HO – Away from bodybuilding, what is your favourite film?

AP – Pretty Woman is my Amanda’s and I’ve watched it more times than any other however my favourite is the Hulk. I love any Marvel or Superhero film, I grew up with the weekly Marvel Comics and love escapism.

HO – What is your favourite ‘Cheat Meal’?

AP – sushi – I make my own, popcorn, beef jerky, cashew nuts, protein bars, oatcakes & cheese and loads of Diet Coke. I eat clean so often, I tend not to binge much. I do enjoy going out for a meal and a pint of Guinness or bottle of red Vino – but even this is occasional.

Andy polhill

HO – Food you dislike the Most?

AP – Fig Rolls, I even hate saying the word, I take a few steps back even if I see them in Tescos. My Gran used to offer me them when I was young and I hated them then. I loved my Gran though x

HO – What You Love Most About BodyBuilding?

AP – The Gym, the stage, the fans, the people, the individuality, the discipline, the nutrition, the knowledge, the learning, the continuous improvement, the cold steel which has no feelings or comments, the drifting away into mindless sanctuary between sets, the forgetting of the social pressures not necessary in the world outside, the challenge, the pump, the changes in self respect and inner confidence it can build and so much more – I love what I do – it is what I am. To know what and who you are and why you are here is what people search for in a lifetime and never find it – how lucky I am – it makes me happy and everyone around me can see it and feel it. I hope everyone finds their calling in life.

HO – What’s Your Long Term Ambition in BodyBuilding?

AP – To be the best Bodybuilder and person I can be to everyone who appreciates the sport, its art form and dedication and work it takes.

HO – And finally Andy,what advice would you give to Up and Coming Bodybuilders?

AP – Get a good job/trade or career to support what you do/want in life.
Learn everything you can from the right people, don’t think you ever know it all, listen carefully to what the right people say, watch carefully what people do, learn to implement what you know and experience, to suit what works for you. Keep records and benchmark your progress.
Don’t rush you have lots of time in this sport – stay committed have short and long term goals that are achievable. Take a long low risk approach.
Learn about nutrition and above all work hard and smart. Understand the meaning of continuous improvement and apply it to whatever you do and remember no one will do it for you. A plan is just a plan unless you execute it – review it, analyse your progress honestly and change it as you need to progress towards your goal.

HO – Thanks Andy and all the very best from us at Muscle Xcess and all your fans for your Pro debut at the NABBA Mr Universe 2014 in October.

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