Kristel Klein

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“Sport has been part of my life from a very young age”

Who is Kristel Klein?

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I come from a small island called Kihnu in West-Estonia. There are only 500 inhabitants on the island and it is a very traditional place where people wear traditional costumes and speak in dialect.


“People’s dreams stay on the island and never get fulfilled”


Because of its distance from the mainland and the lack of facilities, quite often people’s dreams stay on the island and never get fulfilled…I decided to change that and follow my dreams.


Sport has been part of my life from a very young age, but due to poor training facilities on my home island, I wasn’t able to properly discover myself until I left the island and went to high school. That’s when my fitness journey really began and I started chasing after my dreams.


I joined the town athletics club and represented my school at many track and field competitions. I specialized in 100m sprint and long jump. Even though I was already 16 years old when I started training properly, I still managed to place top 3 in various of events. My coach said I was a natural talent with a raw country girl strength.



“I took a short break from athletics training…”

Straight after high school I moved to the UK where I took a short break from athletics training and studied English with the intention of returning to Estonia to become a teacher. Plans changed though, I realized I had missed fitness world too much and decided to become a PT myself. After 2 years of distance learning and many practical workshops, I obtained The Total Immersion Diploma with Future Fit Training which includes Level 3 Personal training, Level 3 Pilates Instructor, Aerobics instructor, Weight management and Nutrition and many other qualifications.

It wasn’t until I had moved to London when I knew what I really wanted to do – to become a great PT and help people reach their fitness goals and become a role model and motivator for other people.I started off with park trainings and to boost my PT’s profile, I signed up for 2 fitness competitions in April 2015 – Miami Pro and Pure Elite. In Miami Pro I got call outs in both bikini and fitness category but did not place.


“I worked harder than ever before”


It was obviously a bit disappointing but instead of quitting, I worked harder than ever before to improve my physique even further and the following week, I won first place in fitness model category in Pure Elite and received a trophy for the best legs. My hard work had paid off and it made me realize that this is just the beginning for me AND it was, because after a nice summer holiday, I signed up to take part in 3 back to back competitions in November and brought back a trophy from each one of them. It goes without saying that I have found my passion- fitness.



1st place Pure Elite Fitness Model (April)
3rd Place WBFF Diva Fitness Model (November)
2nd Place and a PRO card Pure Elite Fitness Model (November)
3rd place Miss World Classic (November)

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