Lawrie Gormley

Muscle Xcess athlete

“For me bodybuilding was all about aesthetics”

Lawrie Gormley

My favourite supplement is H-Bomb.

From as far back as I can remember I always wanted to be someone, accepted, part of something I loved and could be passionate more than anything.

Starting from a kid I was always active and at an early age was involved in sports.  At 13 I was a 6-handicap golfer, playing for my school and Dunfermline.

At 15 I played National League Basketball for Dunfermline where we won the Scottish Championships.  I then moved onto Amateur football playing for several Saturday league teams.  Around 10 years ago my best friend at the time was a UFC addict and introduced me to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, after training and competing for years I gained by Blue Belt under Cristian Graugart and placed 2nd at the Scottish Open.  Shortly after this I tore my medial meniscus in my right knee and here is where my bodybuilding dream started.

“I tore my medial meniscus”

After the surgery I found myself more and more wary of my knee whilst trying to compete in any martial arts from sparring to drilling.  At this point I found myself in the Gym for really the first time consistently in my life trying to rehab.


This is where I started to notice physical changes and become addicted.

“Shoulders started to grow…”


My shoulders started to grow, my legs took shape and my whole outlook changed.  After spending so many years competing in almost everything I loved I needed a goal.  So….I decided to enter my first Fitness Model competition in 2014.  For me bodybuilding was all about aesthetics and I just didn’t have the look or size to win as a bodybuilder, and lets face it I wasn’t going to put in all the hard work just to make up numbers.

The whole preparation for the competition made me fall more in love with the industry and make me realise this was my dream, this is what makes me happy.  Every rep, every macronutrient, every scoop of whey, and every minute on the treadmill I simply love!  That first comp I travelled way down to Margate in Kent and placed 5th out of 31 competitors and collected my very first trophy.

Now I am an IT Systems Technician, an online coach, part time PT, dedicated husband, published model, and still competing!  I really want to show no matter your background; no matter your personal circumstances we all can achieve our goals! In 2015 I received my Pure Elite pro card.  In 2017 I’m gunning for my first Pro wins!!

Competition History


Pure Elite over 75kg Fitness Model April 2015 – 5th place

Pure Elite over 75kg Fitness Model July 2015 – 3rd place

Pure Elite Tattoo Muscle Model July 2015 – 3rd place

Pure Elite World Finals Nov 2015 – 2nd place

UKBFF West Mids Physique tall – 4th place

Published A4 spread (photo only) 2015-2016 PixaPro Photography catalog


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