Paul Kean

Muscle Xcess athlete

Who is Paul Kean?

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taking it.” 

I started my journey from the age of 3, doing kickboxing with my dad who has ran his own fight gym for over 30 years.  We travelled all around the world competing at top level at kickboxing, countries such as USA , Greece, Ireland, Portugal etc.

After winning senior full contact World title for 4th time, I decided to go to boxing, where my dad started out.

I was 19 year old and felt I needed a new challenge, so went instantly into elite level amateur boxing, winning Northern districts and representing Scotland.

At age of 23, decided to take the step into professional boxing getting a contract from Mgm Marbella and now signed by Kynoch promotions.

Diet changed dramatically with help of Harry Ogg and MuscleXcess UK and have dropped 2 weight divisions and feel stronger than ever before.

I now hold the BUI Celtic title and looking forward to progressing onto more major titles in near future.


A few of my accomplishments throughout the years

Competition History

Junior kickboxing

WORLD ISKA open Gold 2006/07
USA OPEN Gold 2005
WUMA EUROPEAN open silver 2003
WELSH OPEN Gold x2 silver X2

Full contact kickboxing 37W 1L
WKF Scottish champion
WKF British champion
ICO Celtic champion
WKF European champion
ISKA WKL WKF WIAMMO World champion.

Amateur boxing 23W 5L
Northern district champion 2015

Professional boxing
9Wins 1Loss
Current super welterweight BUI CELTIC champion.

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