Richard King

Muscle Xcess athlete

I’m proud to be part of the team, which feels like a family.

Who is Richard King?

My favourite supplement is chocolate flavour precision peptide

Early days and formative years

First off, there’s a lot of this cos I’m old. Born 1969 HAHAHA!

I was always fascinated with body shape, and this wonderful fitness world I kept getting glimpses of. As a boy I would sit and watch Tarzan movies in black n white, where Johnny Weismuller was the crocodile fighting Lord of the Apes. I was a fat little kid, and a skinny teenager.

I started lifting as a 17 year old in 1987. I weighed 9 stone 3lb. The gym was a perfect school for an aspiring bodybuilder. Super Bodies gym in Barnsley. It was old school it had weights, benches and lots of em. Never known a gym with such a good atmosphere since, and it was a conveyor belt for champions such as Wayne Seven.

I got in pretty good shape pretty quick cos I was so skinny…the muscle gains showed pretty much straight away.

I absolutely loved the training, the way it gave me confidence, and gradually slowly but surely a physique got chiselled away an inch at a time.

Skip forward 23 years and I have kept the love affair with lifting weights up ever since, at this point I’m 40 years old and have forced my bodyweight up to 13 stone. I’m big for my 5 ft 7. Big but a long way from being ready for a stage…unless it’s the back of a pantomime horse. I was lifting heavy and revelled in my strength and bulkiness. Like so many people that train, I always wanted to compete, but just kept putting it off. Next year, then next year, and so on. You feel like you have forever, and that time is infinite.

Bad News

My wife and I sat down in an oncologists side room in Ninewells hospital Dundee. Part of me knew I was in trouble…hey I’m in a Cancer ward in a hospital, not only that, but I’m waiting in a little private room for news from a Cancer specialist. I had felt 2 pea shaped lumps in my neck for a while and had come to get it checked out. The other part of me held on to the hope that I had a fibrous cyst that would need a tickle from a scalpel and that would be that.

“Mr King you have stage 3 throat cancer, and it has spread to your lymph nodes”

That’s the cyst theory out the window then!

richard king bodybuilding

Bad times

The next 10 months can only be described as  a bloody nightmare. Going in for treatment I was 13 stone. 10 months later I was 8 stone.

I lost the ability to eat or drink, I had to have a feeding tube cut into my stomach. I lost the ability to talk for months. I had 4 cycles of Chemotherapy, 42 days of radiation and a 5 hour neck dissection.

I finished treatment in October 2010. I started training again in December 2010.

Starting Over   

I couldn’t go back to the gym I had been training at and working at before the treatment…it was awful to see the looks on peoples faces that knew me and saw me so I joined the local YMCA weights bay. I had gone from deadlifting 200kg to using the vinyl weights, the ones old ladies use, you know the ones I mean. They are pink! Once again I stuck to the principles…lift…eat….recover, and gradually inch by inch pound by pound I I started to grow and regain my strength.


In 2013 I felt good enough and thought I looked good enough to take up my old post of Personal Trainer at DW Sports Dundee.

Getting back in a big gym was another step to full recovery. I went back to see Harry Ogg at Bodytone Warehouse and got my supplements right with Muscle Xcess products.

After 14 months of hard training at DW I now felt I looked good enough for a show. In all the years previously I could have competed and never, and then the cancer took that choice away from me. I wasn’t gonna make the same mistake again.

I set my sights on the UKBFF show in Glasgow. I entered as a first timer. I was in total awe of all these huge men and beautiful women. I felt like a total pretender. In the first timers class there are all heights and weights. At 75kg I was one of the smallest. I stood backstage and was genuinely surprised to get a callout. It was a strong line up, 12 of us in total, and I got 3rd!

Back in the gym Angie Ogg said I might do well in the classic bodybuilding class. Also that husband Harry would help me with diet and stage posing. So I set my sights on Leeds UKBFF and got invaluable posing practise and a diet to follow from Harry.

Too close for comfort

I had to get down to 72  kg  for the Leeds show. Following Harry’s diet to the letter I hit 72kg the day before the show!

Again I’m gobsmacked to get 2nd place out of a line up of 13!

That gave me an invite to the British Finals, where I got 5th!


Again Harry and I set our sights on the Leeds show. 17 in my class this time round.

Again I cant believe I’m getting a call out for the top 3 again. I’m heavier this year…2,5kg heavier and it pays off. I get my first ever top spot trophy 1st place North East Championship Classic bodybuilding Champion, and another invite to the Finals in Nottingham.


Harry is so delighted with my progress he gets me a sponsorship deal from Musclexcess. I’m proud to be part of the team, which feels like a family. I really enjoy being on the stand at shows sharing tips, encouraging others and mixing with all the great athletes our sport has.

Unfortunately I did not make the top 6 at the 2015 finals, but it was an experience I will remember and value,

Future Goals

Again we have Leeds UKBFF in our sights for 2016. The experience I have gained as a competing athlete has been invaluable and also a great boost for my personal knowledge as a Personal Trainer. I look forward to continuous improvement over the years and it will be interesting to see how much further I can take this 47 year old body. With the right team behind me..Musclexcess supplements and Harry Ogg as a prep coach I believe there is a great deal more potential still to be realised.


2014 ukbff Glasgow first timers 3rd place

2014 ukbff Leeds classic bodybuilding 2nd place overall 1st place short category.

2014 ukbff British Finals 5th place.

2015 ukbff Leeds classic bodybuilding 1st place

2015 ukbff British finalist.

2016 ukbff Leeds classic bodybuilding 1st place

2016 ukbff finalist.

2017 IBFA Musclexcess classic. Athletic bodybuilding 1st place.

2017 Nabba over 40s 3rd place.

2017 IBFA British finals athletic bodybuilding 2nd place and invitation to the world’s as part of IBFA Scotland

2017 Scottish Open over 40s 2nd place OPEN class 2nd place and classic bodybuilding 1st place.


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